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Welcome to 100% Music. 

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About 100% Music. 

100% Music is an independent record company based in Basingstoke, Hampshire, UK.

In 2010 they cracked the charts for a few months with an album release by Power of Dreams entitled 'Immigrants, Emigrants and Me'.

They have recently signed Hoodoo Gurus in the UK.

Hoodoo Gurus have just released their 9th - and finest album - Purity Of Essence.

Further information about these bands and their exceptional music can be found using the menu to your left.

100% Music also put on an average of 3 gigs a week in the south of England and have done now for over 5 years. They have also been involved with 6 different music festivals across the UK and are cited as 'transforming them'.

In a jaded and despondent industry - 100% Music have fun, create opportunity and release some fine music along the way.

Their releases have been featured in every national UK music magazine, along with the BBC, ITV and Channel 4.

They distribute CDs to all of the major stores - along with every independent record retailer in the UK. Digital distribution is also secured - everywhere.

They are proud to be truly independent - all of this - from the marketing and accounts - to the mastering and artwork - and not forgetting the making of the tea - is done by one person. He calls himself Lozza and he lives in Hampshire, UK. You can contact him by emailing lozza at this website address. You need to take out the www bit. Geddit ?

Thanks for stopping in - see you out there.

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